Only 2 days left

7:44 pm

Wow, how quickly 3 weeks has passed! My 6 days a week intensive program is coming to an end. So how do I feel? Well, I’m pretty sad. I have come to love my time at the Shala and truly enjoy it’s community. I just can’t believe I only have 2 days left. Craziness!
This week of YTT has been fantastic. Lots of posture breakdown and adjustments. I’m now finding myself getting into postures I struggled with at the start of YTT. It’s inspirational and very exciting to see how my body is progressing. I feel myself getting stronger each day. Ashtanga is an amazing practice and I plan to have a lifetime relationship with it.
My teacher Jenni, is off to India this weekend. I’m going to miss her and her teachings. In her absense, I am going to continue my practice in hopes to one day teach an Ashtanga basics or half primary series class at the Shala. I have some work to do but I feel like it’s good to have goals :) I’ll get there one day.
Tomorrow is full primary……yikes! Again, I ALWAYS get my butt kicked in a full primary series class so I’m ready to get my sweat on. Then it’ll be time for some back bend review and hopefully some rest. I’m going to need some before I present DOWNdawg at the Every WOMAN conference this Saturday in Victoria. Hope to see you there!

Teacher Training Continues

8:12 pm

I'm back! I was in Vancouver doing the Landmark Forum….what an amazing experience! Thank you lululemon athletica for the most generous gift! I loved my time at the forum and can't wait to take the advanced course!! Since I was in Van for Landmark I missed a few days of YTT. I did mysore practice in Vancouver with the guys from Babylon Yoga. WOW! Loved my time with them and would recommend anyone to practice with them. If you live in Van or plan to visit in the near future, go see them….DO IT!

Yesterday was my first day back to the Shala in 5 days. It was a lovely day, full of Yin goodness :) Today however, was a much different experience…..full primary series. Well, if you've read my blog in the past you know how I feel about primary series. It's VERY challenging and I never leave without getting a crazy sweat! And today was no exception. Such a great class once again. Next week gets a little intense. I have to teach my first Ashtanga basics class along with assisting Jenni and another instructor with some hands on adjustments. Yikes! It's go time! I have to practice my Sanskrit big time. Even when I think I get it, I really don't. Just today I met my very good friend, Lindsay from Fierce Studio who is an Ashtanga teacher. I said a few Sanskrit words to which she smiled and gave me the correct pronunciation. Oh good times :) If you want a good chuckle as I try my best with sanskrit, check out our Ashtanga basics class this coming Tuesday, January 18th at 2pm, Yoga Shala. It'll be fun ;)

Day 4

9:45 pm

Day 4
Mysore was great this morning. I love that I can ask Jenni questions about any posture and she’s so helpful and knowledgeable. She never makes me feel out of place when I struggle to get into a posture or when I ask her to repeat some random Sanskrit word. She has a way about her that is very relatable and nurturing. Plus she shares great stories about her studies/travels to India. It makes for a fun practice. It’s only been 4 days of training at the Shala I have to say I absolutely love it there. There is a great sense of community. Everyone is so friendly and warm. It’s easy to fall in love with this Shala. If you haven’t tried an Ashtanga class with Jenni, do it. You won’t regret it. Tomorrow is a shorter day starting at noon. And I believe it includes some Yin. Yay! Strangely enough though, my body isn’t feeling too sore…..knock on wood ;) Every day I feel stronger and a little more confident in my Ashtanga practice. It’s an amazing feeling. Alright, I need to go to bed. Tomorrow is another day of learning and practicing which will be shortly followed by a trip over to Vancouver for Landmark training. Sweet!!!

YTT Training Day 2 and 3

8:39 pm

Day 2
Well, I was right….my body was a little tight this morning when I woke up around 6am to the sounds of my 10 month old chatting away in his crib. Love those sounds. I may have been a little sore but all the same invigorated and ready for another day of instruction. The day started with an Ashtanga basics class which was welcomed after yesterday’s vigorous practice of full primary series. Shortly after, all YTT participants had the opportunity to meet one another and share what brought them to the training. As Jenni finished sharing her story I started to think to myself, why am I here? What brought me to the Yoga Shala? And what am I hoping to gain from my time here? I’ve come to realize that being a new mom and all that comes with the amazing experiences and responsibilities, I have felt somewhat depleted. Not depleted of love, energy (well maybe a little…especially when my son Travis decides it’s time to wake up at 3am), but time. I know moms who are reading this, are saying “well, get used to it sweetheart”. I am taking this training to be selfish for 3 whole weeks. To be completely submerged in something that’s just for me. And to finally be taught! As an instructor/teacher myself I find myself always giving by teaching all the time, which I LOVE by the way. This time around someone is going to tell me what to do and how to get there. And let me tell you, Jenni is a wicked adjustments lady! She can help you get your body get into binds/postures that perhaps you didn’t think was possible. And it’s amazing! After our hopes and dreams conversation completed Sanskrit review began. Oh my, seriously I am going to need some practice in that department. The words written out don’t necessarily pronounce the way they look. I think I may need a Sanskrit for Dummies book  Alright off to bed and stare at my candle, which by the way smells fantastic. I’ll chat more about my candle staring experience another time. Tomorrow starts at 7:30am, Mysore style class. Wish me luck. I’m going to need it 

Day 3
7:30am Mysore style class…….well, I think it went pretty well since Jenni let us have a pretty chill practice with it being a moon day. And I say, welcome Moon!! Jenni taught us a moon series which included some restful childs pose….yay! It was a much more relaxed practice from the primary series and it was enjoyed very much ;) The day continued with pranayama (breath) and meditation. Holy, Jenni is one pranayama queen. If she’s feeling up to it, ask her to do her super cool party trick  It’s amazing! Seriously, Utube Pranayama and watch some of those crazy video’s. It will blow your mind! Then it was tea/snack break. Thank goodness, I was starving by then having not eaten at all yet. Once back at the studio we watched an inspirational video and then off to Yin class. If you haven’t tried a Yin class before with Jenni, DO IT! She does amazing hands on adjustments and massage. Another “new” thing for me was watching Jenni give us a demonstration of using a netty pot. Have you used a netty pot before? I haven’t and couldn’t take my eyes off Jenni as she used it with ease. I won’t explain….utube it. Time to have my lemon/ginger tea, stare at my candle and go to bed. It’s 7:30am Mysore tomorrow am. Even though I’m out of my comfort zone at times during my training, I’m also comfortable if that makes any sense. This process has been so enjoyable thus far and I’m looking forward to another day.

Traditional Ashtanga Teacher Training

9:51 pm

It’s 2011, goal setting and resolution making time. What goals have I set for myself and DOWNdawg? Well number one on my list is to complete my traditional Ashtanga teacher training. I already have yoga/fusion teacher training but have never ventured into a more traditional training. So I decided to take the big leap. I found an amazing YTT (Yoga teacher training) studio, The Yoga Shala, filled out my application and off I went. Today, January 2nd marks the first day of my intensive 3 week, 6 days a week training. My journey begins :)

Day 1

Day 1 of my YTT which started off with a full primary series class this am with Jenni (studio owner) and Jason. Well, welcome to Ashtanga Teacher Training I say! What an amazing class, not to mention, sweat! I got my butt kicked. Are people really that bendy? I was completely inspired by Jenni’s strength in each asana/posture. I hope to become as flawless in my flow as I learn from her over the next few weeks. One thing I did learn today though is I need to learn some serious Sanskrit cause I was a little lost in the chanting portion. As I listened, to which seemed like everyone chanting but me, I became excited for the amazing 3 week journey I have begun. Let’s see if my body agrees with me tomorrow :)

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