New DOWNdawg Yoga instructors on the street

8:36 pm

Amazing training this past weekend with 4 awesome ladies! DOWNdawg will be featured in new facilities on the West Coast shortly. Be on the lookout for new classes soon! Please be sure to check our DOWNdawg Yoga calendar on our “classes/workshops” page for the latest news on new classes, facilities, workshops and trainings. See you on the mat!

DOWNdawg coming to Feel Good Yoga and Pilates

4:53 pm

Starting Sunday, March 20th, Amy Allen will be teaching DOWNdawg Yoga at Feel Good Yoga and Pilates. Join Amy for an amazing class filled with great tunes, energizing postures and tons of fun! And did I mention the first class on March 20th is FREE!! Class details below:

Sundays, 5:30-6:30pm
Feel Good Yoga and Pilates

For more information on this class please check out either or both websites:

See you there!

DOWNdawg Yoga at Flow YYoga

4:15 pm

DOWNdawg Yoga is coming to Vancouver. Yay! Please join me for a mini-workshop/class April 23rd at 7pm. Haven’t tried DOWNdawg yet? Here’s your chance to come to an energizing, fun yoga class in a beautiful facility in downtown Vancouver. Class details below:

Saturday, April 23rd
Registration can be done in person or online.

Hope to see you there! :)

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