DOWNdawg Creator Amy Allen back at the Shala

11:29 am

I have decided to return to the Shala for more YTT under the guidance of Jennifer Pritchard Authorized KPJAYI, Yogini and Founder of the Victoria Yoga Shala. I am at the stage where I mentor under 1-2 teachers, observing their classes and teaching parts of them. This coming Wednesday I will teaching all the standing postures….yikes! Wish me luck. For those who have taken an Ashtanga class you will know what I'm talking about…..needlesstosay, I'm a little nervous but I'm sure it will be just fine. I have to get this one over with and move forward with learning more. I have been paired with an amazing teacher Miranda. She has been so kind and helpful thus far. I look forward to learning more from her. Just yesterday in our 7am Primary class she was practicing in front of me…..WOW! She's awesome! Talk about inpirational…..I will continue to practice in hopes to do what she does ;) I'll keep you posted.

DOWNdawg Yoga at Selkirk Festival

11:22 am

Come visit DOWNdawg Yoga instructors Lisa Reimer and Joanna Vander Vlugt for a demo on the main stage at the Selkirk Festival. Demo starts at 11:30am and runs for 20 minutes. Perfect way to get in a little yoga before your lunch :)

DOWNdawg in Monday Magazine

9:16 pm

DOWNdawg Creator and CEO, Amy Allen was recently interviewed for Monday Magazine. Check out her interview and let us know your thoughts :) Here’s the link:

FREE DOWNdawg at Victoria lululemon

12:07 pm

Yes, it’s true!! DOWNdawg Yoga classes will be available at the Victoria lululemon for the whole month of May for FREE! Bring a friend, your mat and waterbottle for some energizing beats and stellar fun! No mat? No problem! lululemon provides community mats for use. Looking forward to seeing you in class!

For store location and more details please check out:


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