New classes, more conferences, a DOWNdawg Yoga Instructor course……oh my!

9:00 pm

Yes, yes, and YES! We are offering more DOWNdawg Yoga classes in Victoria BC starting this fall at new times and locations. Please check out our website for the latest and greatest updates!

As well you can see DOWNdawg’s creator at the Every WOMAN conference in Victoria BC this coming November 19th. Please check out for registration details and more.

And a DOWNdawg Yoga course date and location is in the works. The date will be officially announced shortly. Creator Amy Allen will show you the ropes to get you teaching before you know it!! We could use a few more D-dawg instructors on the street! Melissa Clarke and Kelly Webb will also be in attendance as they work their way to becoming DOWNdawg master trainers :) So many exciting this happening! Looking forward to seeing everyone in a class soon.

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