Got Goals? Useful Tools To Help Get You Started.

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If you knew you could never fail, what would you attempt? If money was no object, what would you do with your life? Would you change anything? Do you dream of what your ideal life would be? Or are you currently living life to the fullest? If so, please share! In my years of being a lululemon ambassador for the Johnson St store in Victoria, BC, I have been inspired to do great things with my life. And it all started with goal setting. I was gifted a wonderful trip to Vancouver, BC for the 1st annual lululemon ambassador summit in 2010. I was surrounded by truly amazing and talented individuals who were passionate, powerful and above all, living a life that they created through the help of goal setting. My life has never been the same since that weekend. What did I come out with? Well, I was inspired to create Instructor Trainings for DOWNdawg Yoga and here we are, 12 instructors trained and many, many more to come in 2012. I committed to a goal at that summit that I would have shared the DOWNdawg Yoga format and trained 100 instructors by January 2014. I think I need to re-work that goal because I will hit no problem :)


I am constantly striving and pushing for more out of my life. And not for posessions. I want more balance, spend more quality time with my son and husband, more time with friends, more fitness, more runs, more time for just me……..the list goes on really. Each year I make a vision board that lists my “work towards”, or my goals. Some are short term (3-4 months), some a little longer, 1 year and others 5 years, which completes my vision board. I refer to my vision/goals throughout the year to either cross something off my list, oh, I love crossing something off my list ;) or just to check in and get re-inspired. If there is a certain goal you’ve been thinking about for a long while, here’s your chance! There is no better time than now! You will thank yourself a year from now that you got started today.


Check out this lululemon link for some useful tools to help get you started today on the life you want to live forever.


Good luck with your goals!

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