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Well it’s been 2 weeks since YTT finished. I wanted some time to reflect back on my teacher training before blogging about it. My first thoughts are……what an amazing experience! I want more! I started my Ashtanga YTT journey thinking this will be a great way for me to deepen my practice and learn some new techniques, cuing, and postures that I can transfer to DOWNdawg. Well I did do all that but now also have a new appreciation for yoga. I love Ashtanga and plan to have a lifetime practice. My new 2011 goal is to master the Primary series in one year. So by January 23rd, 2012 I will have mastered that series. Wish me luck! For those who are currently attending DOWNdawg classes, be prepared for a whole new level of sweat! I have some new moves coming your way. And those who haven’t been to a class yet…..what are you waiting for? ;) I have lots to share and look forward to seeing everyone in a class soon!

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  1. I thought you were super bendy BEFORE the YTT, and now you are past flexible!

    Loved our time on Sunday night and can’t wait for more!

    I Love DOWNdawg Yoga!!!!!!!!!

    Kelly Webb, February 8, 2011

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